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Today's pools are very different than those constructed 10 years ago.
Chances are your friends, colleagues or family members have told you that pool ownership is expensive and very time consuming.

Gunite Pools has made pool ownership enjoyable by addressing the three most common maintenance procedures:

  • Sanitization of Pool Water
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaning


We did this by having your pool clean itself, eliminate "back-washing" procedures and making your own chlorine for pennies a day.

Sanitization of Pool Water
There are many ways to kill bacteria but only one true way to sanitize the water and that is with the use of chlorine. Alternative sanitizers such as ionizers, ozonators and the like are designed to kill bacteria in the water but fail to sanitize the water. These methods often require you to maintain a small residual of chlorine in the water thus requiring you to handle and store chlorine to properly sanitize the pool water. We feel that since chlorine is the #1 sanitizer why not find a method of reducing the cost of this chemical in pool ownership. We found Pure n Clear (formerly known as Kreepy Klear). This unit uses electrolysis to create chlorine from salt. You see salt is composed of sodium chloride and this unit uses a battery type cell to electrically separate the two components. Once the chlorine has finished sanitizing the water, it turns back into salt, its natural state. Since the chlorine we are producing is pure "free-chlorine", it does not introduce any unwanted solids into the water. The content of salt in the water is but 1/3 the content of a tear drop and it has the added feature of softening the water. Since more "free-chlorine" is being produced, there are significantly less if not no chloramines in the water to irritate your eyes and cause the "chlorine smell". .

Filter Cleaning
All filters are designed to trap debris, dead organic matter and keep pool water sparkling clear. Different filters use different filter media to accomplish this goal. Three basic filters are on the market today that do a very good job of filtering water and have a cost associated with performing this work. All filters should be opened once a year to remove excess debris. The three types of filters are as follows: (ranked by cost)

D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) use a powder as the filter media. Its internals are plastic grids covered with a cloth that helps this powder form a sheet of area in which water passes through and is filtered. When this powder accumulates debris, it is then removed by means of reversing the flow of water through the filter. The added cost is the water used to remove this powder (back-washing) and debris and the recoating of the grids with a fresh coat of D.E. powder. These filters are cleaned at least once per month.

Sand filters use a special sand as the filter media. Its internals are plastic laterals located at the bottom of the tank. Water is forced through the top of the filter through the sand and back to the pool through these laterals. As debris accumulates the debris it iss removed by reversing the flow of water through the filter. The added cost is the water (back-washing) used to remove the debris. These filters are cleaned at least twice per month.

Cartridge filters use a special paper as the filter media. Its internals are cylindrical ribbed elements that trap debris using this special paper. The added cost is a the water used to remove the debris. These filters are cleaned at least once every 8 months.

What is Backwashing?
Backwashing is a procedure used to remove debris and dirt in a filter that requires this process. The process uses the current pump and basically reversed the water flow through the filter by changing the position of the filter valve. This then discharges this debris and dirt onto your lawn or sewer system. This process can take about 5 minutes of actual pump time. Pumps today pump between 72 gallons per minute to 140 gallons per minute depending upon horsepower. This water is wasted to clean your pool filter when using a D.E. or Sand filter. Cartridge filters can be cleaned by using a pressure washer at home or a car-wash using significantly less water because of the frequency in cleaning. For example, a D.E. filter when cleaned properly will consume at least 2,880 gallons of water using a 1h.p. pump within 8 months to just remove the debris and dirt on a monthly back-washing schedule. Pools that have spas and water features will easily triple the amount of water used to clean the filter as filter sizes increase and pump horse power also increases.

Pool Cleaning

There are a variety of pool cleaners that are available to help keep your pool clean. There is no cleaning system that is fully automatic because the cleaners themselves need some sort of routing maintenance. For example, a cleaner that uses a "bag" to accumulate debris needs to be periodically cleaned. What you will find are systems that work with at least an 80+% efficiency and thus reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning your pool. What would normally take hours is now reduced to minutes. We understand that today's busy lifestyles do not allow much time for pool cleaning. You invest significant monies to reduce the cost pool pool ownership. But because things "fill-up" or "run-out" you need to consider hiring a pool professional to maintain the pool for you. We offer a basic and regular service that accommodates most pool owners. Below is a description of the services we have available.

Basic Pool Cleaning Plan

  • Water Analysis
  • Adjustment of Total Alkalinity, ph, Stabilizer and Chlorine
  • Clean skimmer, pump and cleaner baskets
  • Back-wash the filter and recharge it (if needed). (Cartridge Filters require no backwashing)
  • Brush Pool Walls

$15 / Visit

Complete Pool Cleaning Plan

  • Basic Plan Included
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Rake the leaves from the pool.



$23 / Visit


We will leave a blue slip in your time box everytime we go stating the services rendered and the condition of the pool upon our arrival. If you sign up with our services, we will waive the normal service call fee and charge only the labor fees associated with any pool equipment repair.

Our technicians can give you a free estimate to repair your filter, pump, chlorinator, heater or pool cleaner.

Email us at Service@gunitepools.com or call 1-800-580-7946 to start the process.