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The Difference


Although 3/8in rebar is sufficient in most cases, we use 1/2in rebar in all of our pools. A bare copper wire is installed from end to end to electrically bond the pool and associated fixtures.



We use a wet-gun method in creating our concrete shells. We believe that a 7-sack mix with fibermesh is superior to the normal 6-7 sack batch design. Our method allows us to construct one of the strongest shells in the business. This same method allows us to guarantee our shells to hold water for 15years. Other builders say "lifetime" but who's life are they talking about? Yours, mine, the concrete, the ground, what? They don't define it.. They just sell it!



Our pools include a 6in band of tile around the inside perimeter of the pool. Raised beams, spas and the like will show off your tile selection. Tiles come in various colors and patterns thus allowing you to be creative in your backyard transformation. Blue colored tiles reflect better with the water and tend to give the pool water a blue tone. Other colors can be used to blend or match house colors and surroundings. When you purchase a Gunite Pool, we will help you select the tile color that works best with your surroundings.





Cantilever decks are those decks that meet the tile. Kool deck is a topping applied to bare concrete that actually makes decks cool in terms of walking and eye candy.

Have you ever been to a public pool that has bare concrete. If so, chances are your feet felt the nice HOT concrete. Kool Deck allows bathers to comfortably walk around the pool area. This material is the preferred choice when considering young children and enhances the pool look when applied properly. It does take skill to achieve a nice pattern and not all pool builders recognize this as they will sub-contract "deck installers" that literally roll this material onto the concrete. You can easily see the difference in the pattern alone.

We use two different forms that are placed around the perimeter of the pool attached to the tile line.


The intermediate cantilever form enhances the look of your pool as well as provide the same features of coping stone.
The regular cantilever form is the more common form that is square in nature.

Brick coping stone comes in 9in to 12in lengths and are 4in wide. These stones are a nice feature and should be considered over the conventional white coping stone below.
Regular white coping stones comes in 11in x 24in and offers a safety grip feature. It enhances the look of your pool and is used widely around the nation.


Bomite is an alternative deck coating that allows you to create the perfect blend between deck, pool and your home. Cosmetically it is the ultimate choice in configuring your backyard paradise as it provides you with more decorative options



Pool plaster is the icing on the cake. It is applied to the rough pool shell to give you a smooth hard finish. This material seals the pool shell and can give your new Gunite Pool a natural look. Several materials are available and we choose to use the conventional "white" marcite plaster as well as the Diamond Brite plaster material. Colored plaster will give you the "lagoon" look and help give the pool an exotic feeling.